The Dynamic Learning Project

The Dynamic Learning Project empowers school leaders to transform instruction across every classroom for every student. It helps teachers understand and embrace the most powerful strategies and tools available to improve student outcomes, no matter their existing comfort level with risk taking or technology. Instructional coaches become transformational leaders and drive system-wide impact that is both sustainable and measurable. 

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Transform Coaching to Transform Learning

The Dynamic Learning Project supports schools in creating sustained, systemic change. It is carefully structured to ensure quality but flexible enough to support your unique school and district goals. The DLP coaches and school leaders help you get the most value out of the tools and systems you’ve already invested in across your campuses, ensuring that their benefits reach every classroom, not just a handful of innovative teachers.

Through the DLP’s individualized consulting and expert support, unique coaching model, and custom tools designed in partnership with top instructional leaders, schools accelerate their progress toward strategic goals. Our research shows when you leverage DLP to activate your existing coaches as change agents, it helps create a culture of educational success — for every classroom, every teacher, and every student.

Program Components

  • Research-proven Coaching Model & Curriculum

    Our unique coaching model is the first step in activating your instructional coaches as leaders in school transformation. The model, developed by author and education leader Jennie Magiera, provides structure and systems to help the coach step into this leadership role and reach even the most resistant teachers. You'll gain expertise in this model through a comprehensive curriculum comprised of online and offline training throughout the year that includes graduate credits for both coaches and administrators

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  • Dedicated Program Consultant & PD

    The most powerful element of the Dynamic Learning Project is that we match each leadership team with a dedicated mentor to provide ongoing, individualized program consulting and support. This expert in coaching and innovative pedagogical change allows you to make the most of the DLP program elements and is on call to support your learning. They guide you through your change management efforts and to help you navigate challenges along your transformation journey. Additionally, your mentor will provide engaging professional learning for all teachers through custom learning workshops.

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  • Custom Program Tools & Data

    Instructional leaders and coaches often struggle to consistently track and record their work. To address this need, we’ve built a suite of custom tools in partnership with our pilot schools. They allow your team to work more efficiently, track progress, and clearly communicate goals and accomplishments.

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  • Program Kick-Off Conference at Google

    To launch into this program, leadership teams are invited to Google for a high energy, hands-on 2-day conference. This event was lauded as the highlight of many past participants’ summers and rated as “the best professional learning experience I’ve ever received.” 

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Strategy Menu

To help coaches put the DLP's challenge-based coaching model into action, we worked with expert technology coaches to create the DLP Strategy Menu - a new tool that helps educators explore common classroom challenges and find strategies and tech tools to jump start students' learning.  The DLP Strategy Menu features 150+ ready-to-use instructional strategies and tech tools.

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Making An Impact

79 %

DLP Teachers increased impactful technology use as a result of DLP coaching.

92 %

DLP Teachers report coaching improves student engagement after a year of DLP coaching.

Why Educators Love DLP

The DLP is helping teachers to use technology meaningfully and purposefully... Now teachers are actually thinking about technology to enhance the lesson. The Chromebook has become more than just a word processor.
Tim Young Principal, Charles R. Drew Middle School
DLP has changed the culture in this building - what the teachers are willing to learn, to try, and to share. DLP is fostering the environment where they have a growing sense of comfort to try new things.
Michael Maniscalco Principal, Oxford Middle School
The DLP Coaching Model provides the much needed framework for a position that could easily be perceived as one that lacks structure and accountability. Having structure in black and white builds coaching confidence, inspiring and empowering coaches to participate and encourage innovative risk-taking opportunities with teachers.
Ivey Homer Coach, Lexington Middle School
I love knowing that I am not alone because I can contact my mentor anytime for support and always get a quick response.
Debby Smith Coach, Munford Elementary School
The biggest strength is the power that comes not only from having the coach in my building but for that coach to have access to the other DLP coaches and mentors to bring real and relevant tools to individual teachers in their classrooms
Current DLP Principal

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EdTechTeam is looking for schools to participate in our 2020 / 2021 cohort. If you are interested in transforming coaching in your district or school, we would love to talk with you to share more about pricing and how we can support your goals.

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